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Advisory Board

Banner Advisory BoardSeeing Stars Foundation is now accepting membership applications for all of our advisory councils. We’re inviting applications from individuals who can provide us with guidance as we carry out our mission.  As part of the ongoing efforts to recruit qualified experts who are interested in serving on Seeing Stars Foundation Advisory Board, all membership requests are reviewed carefully by our current Nominating Committee.  In the future, we will adopt a process that involves individual nomination by either existing Advisory Board members or the individual him/herself. We encourage participation for qualified candidates from all backgrounds.


Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Experts in Legal, Financial, and Accounting Services
  • Experts in Business Development, Marketing, Grant Writing, Fundraising and Sponsorship
  • Athletic Directors, Coaches, School Officials and Administrators
  • IT Developers, SEO Specialists, Social Media Gurus, Graphic Designers
  • Athletic Trainers and Medical Assistants
  • Physicians specializing in Concussion
  • Legislators and Community Leaders
  • Company Officers and Business Owners
  • Experts in Medical and Health Care Insurance


How many seats are available?

We are now looking to fill the following vacancies in the fall of 2015:

  • 12 seats on the Organization Advisory Board
  • 10 seats on the Program Development Advisory Council
  • 10 seats on the Youth Sports Advisory Council


How To Apply

  • Advisory Board Application
  • Advisory Groups
  • Advisory Board By-Laws

You are being considered for a position as a representative on an Advisory Board, Committee, Council or other similar group (generally, “Advisory Group”) of the Seeing Stars Foundation (SSF). Please complete and submit this questionnaire as part of the application and selection process for the Advisory Group. SSF will use this information to perform a background check, conduct a conflict of interest review, and perform other similar due diligence activities associated with your application and possible selection as a representative on the Advisory Group. SSF will use the information you provide only for these purposes or other purposes authorized by law. Please ensure that the information you provide is complete and accurate.


*Required Field

Personal Info
Employment / Background Info
Convictions and Penalties

I certify that the statements I have made on this form and all uploaded documents are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Whether Seeing Stars Foundation (SSF) is advocating protection and safety policies for young athletes, implementing concussion programs and workshops, or setting up protocols for Traumatic Brain Injury management, we count on medical experts, business professionals, and athletic personnel for advice and insight. In addition to our day-to-day work on concussion research, awareness, education, and management, we also convene four independent groups for formal input on everything from the physiology of the brain in relation to concussion, business and athletic program development, to Youth Sports governance.

Medical Advisory Board -  The role of the SSF Medical Advisory Board is to provide strategic medical advice and counsel, as requested by the SSF Board of Directors, to support the mission of the Seeing Stars Foundation.  The SSF Medical Advisory Board is comprised of recognized neurologists and authorities of Sports related neurological issues. At leading academic facilities, clinical hospitals, and research institutions; all have devoted their time and medical expertise to improving the quality of life for athletes of all ages.

Organization Development Advisory Board - Members of this group provide advice and guidance concerning all aspects of business development for Seeing Stars Foundation: legal, financial, accounting, marketing, technology, and branding, etc...

Program Development Advisory Council - This committee provides insights in the planning and development of key programs such as baseline testing, athletic trainers assistance, equipment replacement, workshops, seminars, educational and advocacy activities.

Youth Sports Advisory Council - This group advises Seeing Stars Foundation on all matters regarding Youth Sports governance, players protection, safety guidelines, and vulnerability issues.


Adopted January 11, 2015

Article 1 – Purpose

The Bylaws of the Seeing Stars Foundation Advisory Board define specific procedures for the effective operation of its advisory councils and groups. These Bylaws are designed to help direct all the committees (The terms "Committees" and "Advisory Groups" are interchangeable) toward fulfilling their purpose as defined in the Advisory Groups description.  The purpose of the Advisory Boards and Committees is to advise Seeing Stars Foundation, with a diversity of perspectives, on matters relating to business development and concussion issues in Youth Sports.

Article 2 – Membership

1. Number of Members: The size of an Advisory Group may vary from time to time.  However, the maximum number of advisors in any of the advisory groups shall be fifteen and the minimum is six.

2. Terms of Appointment: Members will serve for a term of two years and may be re-appointed for one (1) additional term.  Terms of members will be staggered so that less than half of the members’ terms expires in any one year.

3. Nomination and Appointment: Candidates may be recommended by a member of the Advisory Board, the Chairman, or by the Executive Director to the Nominating Committee for consideration.  The Nominating Committee is encouraged to seek the advice of the Advisory Committee members prior to confirming the appointment of any nominee.  The Nominating Committee will select final candidates and appoint members to the respective advisory groups.

4. Selection Criteria: For each Advisory Group, at least half of their membership roster must include professionals with expertise and lenghty work background related to the purpose of that respective group.  Other members shall include a diverse group of coaches, parents, students, school officials, administrators, and other persons as the Nominating Committee may determine necessary.  Whenever possible, the various committees shall include the perspectives of physicians and specialists who are actively involved in youth sports concussions (e.g., neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedists, athletic trainers), business professionals (e.g., lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, development directors), and athletic personnel (e.g., athletic directors, coaches, club directors, referees)  In addition to their ability to represent the perspective of their profession, members will be selected for their ability to represent the interests of youth sports overall.

5. Resignations and Replacement Appointment: If a member finds it necessary to resign from the committee, they are encouraged to remain until a replacement can be selected and to provide as much notice as possible.  They are also encouraged to help the committee find a suitable replacement.  Replacement members will be appointed to the remainder of the resigning member’s term, and are eligible for reappointment at the discretion of the Nominating Committee.

6. Duties of Members: The duties of the Advisory Groups are solely advisory and shall extend only to the submission of advice and recommendations to Seeing Stars Foundation's Executive Director, which shall be non-binding on the Foundation. No determination of fact or policy will be made by the Advisory Groups.  The Advisory Groups will also advise and consult with the Executive Director on other matters related to the Foundation’s functions as a Non-profit entity.

Article 3 – Officers

1. Officers: Officers of the committee are Chair and Vice-Chair.

2. Selection: Officers will be elected by a majority of members of the committee.

3. Terms of Office: Elections shall be held annually or at the request of a majority of the members of the committee.  Each officer shall serve until a replacement is selected.

4. Duties and Responsibilities: The officers are to set the agenda for each meeting, run the meetings, maintain a liaison with the Board of Directors, offer to Seeing Stars Foundation the Committee’s advice on issues related to their group objectives, and forward formal recommendations and opinions to the Executive Director.

Article 4 – Subcommittees

1. Special Committees: Special subcommittees may be formed from time to time by the whole committee.

2. Powers, Duties and Responsibilities: Powers, duties and responsibilities of subcommittees shall be as assigned by the full committee.

3. Membership: Nonmembers of the Advisory Board or Groups may serve on subcommittees at the consent of the full committee.

4. Authority: The authority of any subcommittee is to advise the full committee on issues as assigned.

Article 5 – Order of Business and Schedule of Meetings

1. Meeting Schedule: Meetings will be held at least four times annually and will be scheduled by the Chair.  Subcommittee meetings may be in addition to or take the place of full committee meetings. Regular attendance is vital to the purposes of the committee.  Members accept the duty and obligation to attend meetings and to provide advance notice if they are unable to attend.  Repeated absences may be considered an abdication of the appointment, and may be grounds for terminating a member’s appointment at the discretion of the Nominating Committee,  with the recommendation of the Executive Director or committee members.

2. Agenda Development: The agenda for the next meeting will be developed by the committee Chair (or Vice-Chair, if Chair is unavailable), with the assistance of Seeing Stars Foundation staff.  Any member wishing to include an item on the agenda has the responsibility to draft and present the agenda item to the chair for approval and inclusion.

3. Agenda Distribution: The agenda will be published by Seeing Stars Foundation and distributed to members and the public at least one week prior to the next meeting.

4. Meeting Records: Staff from Seeing Stars Foundation will record meeting proceedings and will prepare meeting notes for approval by the Chair and Vice Chair and distribution to the members prior to the next meeting.

5. Public Participation: Visitors are welcome to attend full committee meetings.  Visitors will be asked to introduce themselves and state their purpose and to sign a visitors’ roster.  Comments from visitors are permitted at the discretion of the Chair.  The public may otherwise raise any issue for consideration by the respective Committee through the Executive Director.

Article 6 – Parliamentary Authority

1. Establishing a Majority: For administrative decisions, such as election of officers, recommendations to remove a member, or changing the bylaws, a majority is established by a majority of all members of the committee.  For other matters, a majority is established by a simple majority of all members present.

2. Advising the Executive Director: The committee will vote on any issue requiring advice to the Executive Director.  Consensus is not required.  Seeing Stars Foundation staff will assist the Committee in writing of the Committee’s advice and presenting it to the Executive Director.

3. Minority Reports: On any issue resulting in advice to the Executive Director, if there is not consensus among all members of the Committee, minority members are encouraged to submit minority reports for the Executive Director’s consideration.