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  1. The use of Seeing Stars Foundation’s name and/or logo for publicity and fundraising purposes by any entity, group, and/or individuals is allowed by written permission only through the executive board.
  2. SSF must only be named as the beneficiary of the event, not as the host. (i.e. “The 5K Endurance Race” benefiting The Seeing Stars Foundation” instead of “Seeing Stars Foundation’s 5K Endurance Race”.
  3. It shall be the goal of all events intended as “fundraisers” to net at least 50% of the gross income.
  4. All form of event-related promotional materials and correspondences including, but not limited to flyers, posters, press releases, on-air advertisements, point of purchase used by a sponsoring organization or individual must be approved by the SSF’s executive Officer prior to use.
  5. If you plan to solicit sponsorship support for your event, please discuss it with the contact assigned to your fundraiser by SSF.
  6. SSF will incur No costs associated with special events that are sponsored by a community group or individual.
  7. Event hosts may not keep any portion of the proceeds for profit or compensation for putting on the event without being very concise about their keep, and receiving the approval to do so in writing during the approval process of their application form.
  8. All Proceeds from any fundraiser hosted on behalf of SSF must be presented to our Foundation within 30 days after the event, unless otherwise agreed to prior to the event. All monetary transactions for the special event will be handled by the sponsoring group.
  9. All staffing and volunteers for the special event will be provided by and will be the responsibility of the sponsoring group unless otherwise agreed to prior to the event.
  10. All aspects of approved events must be reflective of SSF’s reputation as a family and youth-centered institution.
  11. All communication with SSF regarding your event must be done through your assigned contact in our office.


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